Too many tasks but not enough time?

Just Virtdrop It!

We help you find the perfect match so you can optimize your business with a talented freelancer or virtual assistant.

Too many tasks but not enough time?

Just Virtdrop It!

We help you find the perfect match so you can optimize your business with a talented freelancer or virtual assistant.


From competent Secretaries to qualified Executives we’ve got them all! Virtually drop your workload on us.

VirtDrop is a concierge consulting agency that provides you with the professionals needed to help you build your business. We maintain a pool of talented and dedicated professionals who look forward to filling the gaps in your teams and make your workload “virtually drop” into the right person’s hands.

VirtDrop believes in you and will learn your needs and work with you to find  or
create the positions that will help you thrive.

Why Virtdrop?


Candidates go through a multi-level screening process with initial interview, as well as testing on performance, communication and skill level. Once approved, we have a new Virtdrop team member, ready to work for… YOU

You're in control

Whether its communication, equipment needs, software needs or the entire hiring process. If you’d like to interview team members directly, we’ll set that up for you. Hire who you need, however you please. 

Get Connected Within 48 Hours

We remain committed to getting you the right candidate for whatever role and within a flash. Whether it’s bookkeeping or an administrator, we will provide a dedicated, responsible and viable candidate within 48 hours. 

Perfect Match Gurantee!

Our dedicated team of recruiters take painstaking amounts of time researching your business needs before setting you up with the candidate that will best suit you. If you’re not happy with them, we’ll replace them immediately with no hassle for you.

Communicate However You Please

Whether it’s Skype, WhatsApp, text, Zoom or whatever means of communication. You’re in control and this is YOUR employee. We supply the employee and necessary equipment for the task. All you need to do is direct. 

No Commitments

No contracts, no hidden fees and no cancelation fees. It’s that simple. We’re here for YOU and YOUR business. Whether it’s hourly, weekly or monthly there are no commitments, minimum hours or hidden fees. 

We are confident that our 2-step verification process and cutting-edge Virtdrop tech will pick the best freelancer or VA that suits your needs! Vet your dream virtual employee with top experts in the industry. The best part is,

No commitments. No money down, No contracts. Virtually drop your workload and we’ll get it done!

No contracts,
No commitments,
No money down.

Our Recruitment Process

We always choose the best of the best for our clients. Our enlisted team of skilled recruiters spend a great deal of time and effort screening resumes, interviewing potential candidates and then assessing their skill level to ensure the perfect match. Only then can we let you confirm the finest candidate to help build your business.


Our dedicated team of recruiters tirelessly pours over 10,000 plus resumes monthly. Less than 1% make it on to the next step.

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The top candidates move on to the interview process. Here we focus on their skills, comprehension, communication, personality and work ethic.

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Management will confirm their skill set to skill level. Ensuring only the highest quality candidates graduate to YOUR business!

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At Virtdrop we believe a company is only as good as its weakest link. Our employees are vetted and proven, ready to become strong links in your corporate chain and helping you grow your business.

You’ll Save…


Save time! We take over the more tedious tasks so that you can focus on the bigger picture.


Save money by hiring someone effective and affordable with hassle-free billing.


Save yourself the stress! We handle the search & interview process and monitor quality of services.


Stop Worrying About Paying For…


Finding a great VA doesn’t have to break the bank. There is no down payment for any of our services levels and you can pay via credit card. Best of all, there’s no hidden fees.



Entry Level Tasks

Basic to intermediate knowledge and experience in the field of expertise.



Mid-level Tasks

More advanced skills and proficiency with supervisory or managerial know-how.



Expert Level Tasks

Broad and deep competence through practice and education in specific fields.

It’s time to stop working IN your business and start working ON your business.

Contact us today for a free consultation to find your ideal freelancer or VA.

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